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Manage & Secure with a light touch

Various types of systems (video surveillance, intrusion alarm, access control, video intercom, etc. ) are converged to work together as one, addressing flexible security needs and creating efficient business work-flows.

Minimizing your upfront investments via cloud-hosting infrastructure.

The solution is highly scalable, allowing you to purchase and add devices in stages.


Back To Business

As businesses around the world reopen and resume operations, people are getting back to work and back to their daily routines. And with today’s technologies being applied in practical ways that help in the real world, keeping people safe, healthy, and protected is becoming easier than ever. Hikvision’s Deep Learning technologies integrate into security and access control systems in convenient ways that really work, with functionalities that include social distancing measures, crowd and traffic controls, mask detection, access control & employee attendance tracking, temperature screening, and more.

Hikvision has been the Largest Global Surveillance Solution Company for more than 19 years, making it the most trusted corporation in the world.

Take Your Business To The Next Level – DarkFighterX

Most security incidents happen at night. Of all known crimes, 70% happen under the cover of darkness. Information about suspects — such as facial features, height, and clothing — and vehicles — license plate number, color, type — are all crucial forensic evidence. In low-light environments, however, these critical details can be easily missed by conventional cameras. Infrared does improve image sharpness on conventional cameras, but it cannot provide color reproduction.

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